Layer state manager


I have a file with many layers, and the layer manager active with 4 entries.

Now I want to create a new model, I use File - New.
I would expect the layer state manager is empty now, but the entries from the formewr file are still there.

I can’t imagine this is a feature…


Hi Charles,

You imagine correctly, that doesn’t sound like a feature to me either. I am not able to reproduce this in Rhino 5 SR6 however. Can you check your version and if you are also using SR6, please send the file in to to my attention. The layer state manager clears here on creation of a new file.

Hello Brian,

I am on SR6.

I have found out how the error ‘works’:
You have to have named CPlanes open, and there must be entries in it.
Now do File - New.
The named CPlanes are away.
Activate the layer states panel.
You see the old entries.

If you do the same with the layer states panel open then it gets cleared.
See video.

Can you retrace it now or should I send the file to you?
(It ‘works’ here with any file.)


CP_LayerStateManager.mp4 (1.5 MB)

Thanks Charles, I’ve reproduced this here and filed it as RH-22476 (this report is not public at this time).