LayerStateManager Issues

LayerStateManager has a huge conflict with NamedView. it completely messes up rendering materials of layers so much so that I stopped using both.

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What version of Rhino are you using? Windows or Mac?
Tell us what is happening and when? And what you expected to happen instead.
Also include a small 3DM file and procedure that will help us duplicate the issue here.

The LayerStatesManager does save all the layer informaiton.
However, you do not need to restore everything.
If you do not want materials to be restored, then uncheck it.

  1. Highlight your Layer state.
  2. At the bottom of the Layer State panel, uncheck the Layer setting that you do not want to restore.

Let us know if this helps.
Mary Ann Fugier

Hi Mary Ann,

My file is more than 1.1Gb, Rhino version 7.

When creating different custom views and have created different custom Layer States saved and have multiple objects grouped that aren’t on the same layer, rendering materials of layers start to move from one layer to another, with the combination of cases when:

-I switch between Layer States or

-I switch between custom Saved views

This happens especially when my PC is not connected to the internet and Rhino says “Unable to refresh license for Rhino 7”.

When connected, and Rhino restarted, everything goes back to normal but an older state of layer material regardless that the file was saved with the corrected Layer Material and the same Layer State.

I’ve downloaded the entire material library thinking it will resolve the problem, and saved my file including all rendering materials cheking the box “Save textures” (and multiplying my Rhino file size by X10), unfortunately the problem persists.

I’m perfectly aware of the check-box for Materials, that is not the problem, I only wanna switch between Saved Views and different Layer States to show or hide certain objects that are Grouped with objects that are on different Layers and thus assigned to different Layer Materials.

Somehow there is a logic that is missing in the algorithm between Layer States, custom Saved Views and Grouped Objects that are on different layers and disconnected Rhino Licence.

In short, it is not a bug, it is an illogical resolution between mathematical sets that are cross-grouped that causes a functional problem.

This thread was not created by me, it was a comment in an another thread, please read my detailed issue in my Reply box.

It sounds like a bug, intermittent maybe.
This is good overview of the issue, but not enough to duplicate it here.

We need a file that will show us the issue.
You can upload a large file here. Purge and use ClearAllMeshes. Save and Zip.
We prefer very minimal file, but we will take what you have. If you upload a file, in the description of the upload page, include a link to this Forum thread.

We also need a “step by step” procedure to duplicate it here.
Then if we can see it here, we can get it logged and and hopefully fixed.

If any one else on the Forum can help with a file and procedure to duplicate it here, that works too!

Hi Mary Ann,
Apologies, I’m not authorized to share the file because of the NDA I signed.
Best regards,

Hi Paul,
I understand.
It can be any file that will show us the issue.
Also any issue readers here who can also duplicate your issue, are welcome to submit a file for our testing.

Process of Sanitizing a File

  1. Open the file in Rhino.
  2. SaveAs to a new file
  3. Delete anything “sensitive”.
  4. Save.
  5. Reopen, test and make sure the issue flows the sanitized file.

Submit by zipping, emailing and include the link to the Forum thread.

If the file is too large for emailing, you can use our large file upload system. In the comments, also include a link to this forum post.

Mary Ann Fugier