Sweep2 Inconsistencies

Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone an see the logic behind this. We were having a problem sweeping a polygon along two curves.

The curves are quarters of an oval with a w:h ratio 1:3.

Here’s the weird part:
It seems that when the rails are going up in the Z-axis we can’t sweep the polygon as it creates geometry that is clearly wrong, if the rails are going in the XY plane, then the sweep works fine.

Does anybody know why this is happening, is this a bug? Is it something about the inherent logic within Rhino?

Sweep 2 Bug.3dm (208.6 KB)

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Hi Sash - Yep, I see that - there are several cases where sweeps and Pipe etc misbehave when the path is vertical. I’ll put this on the pile - thanks.


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taking a different approach to sweep 2 try the following: copy the hexagonal polyline to the corresponding top end of one of the vertical curves. Scale the copied hexagonal polyline so that it extends to the end point of the second vertical curve. Then sweep 2 using both hexagonal curves to be swept by both of the vertical curves. Before completing the operation, check the “simply” sweep box and voila as you will see in the attached file, the results are what you are seeking. Cheers, RobSweep 2 Bug_rob.3dm (235.1 KB)

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Thanks Pascal!

And thank you Rob, that’s another good workaround!