Bug in DupBorder on PictureFrame

an invisible curve gets produced which is not selectable other than Cmd A or SelCrv.
when i use Arrange - Bring to Front it becomes visible but it still remains goofy.

this must´ve been for quite some time now i checked also version 5.1

hey Richard.

fwiw, this isn’t a problem for me on two macs… DupBorder works as expected on PictureFrame surfaces. (the resulting curve is selectable)

out of curiosity, does DupBorder work ok for you on other planar surfaces?

hi Jeff, thanks for checking this out. yes everything else works also dupedge on picture frames. only dupborder on picture frames behaves funky. i am afraid i have to clear rhino off completely if this is not a real bug…

I’m unable to reproduce this, but I suspect I don’t have enough information. Can you please provide detailed steps to reproduce this bug?

following file contains a picture frame and a boarder. if you can see the curve straight out of the box there is something wrong with my rhino. if you cant see it, follow the above to make it visible but its still strange, not selectable … i opened a new file with a standard template inserted any image to picture frame and made DupBorder.

i already reinstalled rhino the bug remains. but i have to say that i imported the com.mcneel.rhinoceros.plist either.

funkyboarder.3dm (2.8 MB)

I open it here. Contains one closed curve, one plane surface with isocurves turned off.

Hi Richard
I can select the curve without any problem. No abnormal behavior.


hey @ChrisK and @Zsimon thanks to both of you for checking. yes it doesnt seem to be a general bug but a local one. i figured that when i delete the plist file out of my preference folder it works as expected, but i dont want to delete the plist because i added a few commands which i dont want to recreate. my plist file is also 7 mb big, is that normal? can somebody check maybe?

and funny is also that this surface is actually a picture frame. when i open it with another computer it shows it as blanc surface which you have to set to render to see it. also not normal i think.

Just for curiosity … if you use _SelCrv the curve is selected? (On disk .plist I occupy 725 kb)

yes as written in my first post. but its still not visible i can move it around i can explode it join it together, i can extrude it and switch on points basically everything, its just not selectable with the mouse and stays invisible until i use bringtofront and then it still remains not selectable with the mouse.

here a video

but you added a few commands at least, or something? or is it plain vanilla?

Yes. There are at least 3 custom commands.
This behavior (or the like) I only do when I make changes to my custom commands and do not create a new work window or restart Rhino.

@john_brock Can you reproduce this issue? I can’t seem to and I’d like a second opinion.

I can’t reproduce it here either.
The curve and surface are selectable any number of ways.
I can’t find anything wrong.

@dan and @John_Brock this is not a regular bug as written above but local and has something to do with my plist. again it will not help to see if you can reproduce this issue if your plist does not look like mine. if somebody wants to have a look i would be happy to provide it.

thats strange, i dont have many either but i ended up having a 7mb plist file…

7MB? are you talking about the same .plist as this:

(fwiw, between macros, keystrokes, custom display modes, and various other prefs, i’d say this .plist contains ~100 customizations)

did you know you can now export settings, reset your .plist, then re-import your settings?

are you against trying that?

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yes the same plist file. when i export preferences if thats what you are talking about i end up with a 9mb plist file muahahahaha

ok reimporting the plist helped, the dup boarder on picture frames works again just t does not set the mouse and screen macros but ok that not so much work. still the plist file is 7 mb… i dont have that many aliases new commands etc. . so i really wonder what happened.

still weird that’s it’s 7MB.

out of curiosity, are you restoring the .plist as described here:

because if so, you may want to try out the newer method using the commands:

export what you currently have then ResetPreferences… this step will give you a new default .plist…
then run ImportPreferences which brings up a panel of what exactly you’d like to bring back to the .plist

i’m guessing if you go about it that way, you’ll have a smaller .plist which runs more smoothly


i have used both methods as written further above but the first one did not help anything and with the new method you pointed out now i managed to get rid of the dup boarder issue. the strange size remains… sorry i thought that was clear

but the downside was that it messed up my display modes a little though keeping the personlized and some mouse macro settings even though having everything selected.

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