WISH: more coherent face/edge selection displaying

Hi all.
Better than 1000 words:

selection proposal.3dm (6.4 MB)

Edit: selecting sub-objects (faces and/or edges)

Not really a problem, but it’s one of the small details that make Rhino “odd” …

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Yeah, I second this. In theory, you can shade highlight breps like the mesh/SubD:

But it’s still kinda unclear, +1 for your proposal.

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That flag doesn’t apply to sub-objects.

Ah, rip

Also agreed on your last statement (before the edit lol); I’ve spent waaayyy too much time customizing Rhino to make it more pleasant to use (I also want to eventually start streaming, and I don’t think a UI that looks like it was plucked from the early 00’s would be appealing to potential viewers)

I’m upping this as this did not receive any reply from devs.
@stevebaer , @Gijs …? :sweat_smile:

Please carefully look and read the first pic. I think it’s worth re-evaluate current state.
We are all used to how Rhino behave, but actually it doesn’t make any sense: you sub-select a face of a brep and the edges gets colored yellow (and not the face! but it does if subd!).

In rhino faces and edges are really different things.
This needs better consistency.

Also maybe selection could be “marked” with a screen-space hatch/zebra (maybe even animated), so we can finally perceive selection of yellow-ish coloured objects (wow! future!).
And with this, we could have differently angled hatch/zebra to distinguish different type of selections, like for example the first/second set of a boolean difference.

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Hi Riccardo - thanks, we are taking a look…


@maje90 for me SubObject selection highlightling would be the most useful aspect of this proposal, and as you say,makes it consistent with SubD objects. What will it solve for you if you can see whether a surface is selected or a surface and one or more of its edges?

that is the pink-ish thing that occurs while selecting?
If so, it doesn’t apply. I’m talking about already selected objects or subobjects.
(I’m not sure i’m using english correctly here).

Note that I’m used to how rhino works. I can handle the incoherent (imho) selection colouring with no problem. I do this daily.

This is more a “let’s try to put ourselves into a new user shoes” , trying to achieve a more general uniformity of behavior of rhino, UX , whatever.
I know the “don’t touch what is not broken” thing… I just wanted to point this out.

Selecting a face of a brep > let’s paint yellow its edges and isocurves!
Selecting a face of a subD/mesh > same, but paint also the face itself!
… wtf? Why? :sweat_smile:

Maybe who chose so know a good reason…

It’s not that important for me. But it’s one of the many “odd” things rhino do that I (we?) are used to overlook.
When I try to use other softwares, this kind of stuff have much more effect on the UX.

Current WIP:


What’s going to be colored yellow when selecting?
(for sub-selecting i mean CTRL+SHIFT+click, i never use sub-object filter)

Not-sub-selecting nurbs > edges + faces
Not-sub-selecting subd > edges + faces
Not-sub-selecting mesh > edges

Sub-selecting nurbs faces > edges (+ isocurves)
Sub-selecting subd faces > edges + faces
Sub-selecting mesh faces > edges + faces

And, see gif, if you not-sub-select a nurbs object that have coincident edges with another one, its edges will be yellow, but shortly after it will be “covered” by non-selected edges of the other object.

…but this doesn’t apply is with SubD.

(just make a nurb/subd cube and extract copy=no a face and try…)

Is all of this planned? By design? As intended?

I did not mean SubObject Mouseover Highlight, that is indeed the pink color. I mean SubObject Selection face coloring like on SubD’s seems logical and useful to me.

Oh, sorry, I misread then.

I agree with you about selection highlight being like current SubD’s would be best.

Then, on a purely analytic viewpoint I think it’s wrong to color edges when you select faces… but I can’t know what would happen on everyday use…

Changing the way selection works needs be tried and tested. We’ve noticed with the new Silhouette highlighting we tried, that there were many pitfalls, and needed to pull the feature for V8 unfortunately. Things like these are deceptively complex to get right.

I logged this:
RH-76195 Nurbs SubObject selection Shade-highlight