Feature Request - Selected Object(s) Preview - Improvement


Is it possible to have the Rhino objection selection preview for meshes show silhouette only instead of seeing extra lines such as all the mesh edges in a mesh?

Example (unselected mesh):

Selected Mesh:


Anyone have any experience creating something like this with Display.Pipeline?

Has this been something asked before? If so, sorry I couldn’t find posts about it.

I believe Blender and Unreal Engine use this selection preview method which (in my opinion) is more legible and less cluttered in screen space.

Thanks for your responses!


here . But it doesn’t work well

Hi Michael - indeed there are many better possibilities - we messed with some of these during V8 develpment but none worked well enough - yet! to go with.

RH-17045 Select: Non-obscuring selection highlight


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Thanks @PowerShape ,

oof, definitely needs polishing but at least it’s there to be activated:

Obviously the lines aren’t being true curves around corners, they are split segments, i’m guessing this is related to what i just posted about Pen/Monochrome broken silhouettes as well @Gijs ? I’m assuming the the silhouette code is used in a few different places, object highlighting here being one of them?

I’m curious if there’s a way to “boolean” the curves in the view plane of the camera so that only the outermost object bounds are shown (like in the “desire” example I posted earlier)

I’m sure this is fairly complicated to implement but boy it would be nice to have it polished out!


Ahh, thanks @pascal , it looks like this is quite a long standing item!


For reference here’s what it looks like in Unreal Engine:

And Blender:

You’ll notice that Unreal actually masks the “gumball” as well which I think is handy sometimes but overkill and the Rhino gumball is a cleaner look in my opinion.

Not trying to say “copy this please” but share as reference material.

Thanks everyone!


@michaelvollrath the object highlight you show for the chair is actually pretty simple, if it is just one object, but what needs to happen when selecting multiple, what if overlapping, what if (partly) out of view, etc…

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Fair points @Gijs , always more to it than meets the eye!

I do think you all are solving it pretty well in the Brep use case. Here I have two breps selected together and the “intersection edges” that traditionally would be highlighted are instead white/grey and the silhouette bounds the entirety of the selection:

When you throw a mesh in the picture, it doesn’t appear to have the same “bounds calculation” though:

Actually it looks a bit glitched when I explode the stool and try to select the walls and just the backrest… hmm

Digging deeper, that bug looks to be related directly to the backrest being a block instance still, if I explode it further so it’s just a mesh, the highlight performs as expected.

Kindly bumping this as it appears you all made some nice improvements recently:

It appears that curves get a different transparency of the highlight silhouette than meshes, breps, blocks, points, and surfaces.

The hover highlight is actually great now! Despite the corner joins still being disconnected.

The selected highlight seems to be lacking in comparison to the hover highlight.

I guess these are two different pieces of code?

Anyways, just sharing here the results from my recent testing.

Thanks for the work on this. I much prefer this method of highlighting over seen all the mesh edges and such and will be using this highlighting method moving forward.



What sorcery is this? So we have these things already? Is the Advanced options the only place to toggle between them?


Yes @TuomasLehtonen, but it’s R8 only I believe. The easiest way to enable is by going to Document Properties → Options → Advanced and search for “highlight” and all the properties you need to enable will be there in the search results.

Happy highlighting!

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Really cool!

I think a bounding box for all the selected objects would also make sense.

Did you manage to get edges selection in subD properly highlighted when selected ?
for me [and I’ve been using this style for a long time now] I get this when selcting edges, hard to guess which are selected :

with great object selction yes

this style is necessary for importing heavy meshes but is a pain in SubD… unless I [hopefully] missed an updated setting.

When I deal with 3d scan data with millions of polygons, I activate this very useful script that lets me switch on/off the selection highlights. However, it also does that with other types of object, so it may be a bit misleading sometimes due to the lack of a yellow outline.

HighlightToggle.rhp (40.5 KB)

Toggle selection highlight

!_HighlightToggle T=Yes

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Is this is bug? @pascal @Gijs

If Rhino.Options.General.MouseOverHighlightSubObjects is enabled, the Selection menu won’t appear for example in multiple vertex selections.

See here, two Breps next to each other. Selection menu (by pressing Ctrl+Shift) appears only if the previous setting is disabled.

Hello - yeah, mouseover highlight is in conflict with the menu in this case. With the highlight on, the highlighted object is the single selection candidate, hence no menu. There needs to be a way to suspend this. On top level selctions, Alt down to click shows the menu and overrides the highlight.