Bug? I can't delete adjacent SubD edge loops

Not sure if this is a bug or just a weird disadvantage of SubD, but it will not let me delete adjacent edge loops (like loop #1 and loop #2 in the attached image). It will, however, let me delete a few loops simultaneously only if they are not adjacent (such like loop #1 and loop #3). Is there a fix for that?

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i noticed a few times that deleting several loops simultaneously does not work while deleting them one by one does which looked like a bug to me at that point. not on a computer right now and i may be dreaming that up, did you try deleting them separately?

@Rhino_Bulgaria yep happens here too :person_shrugging:

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I can delete them individually or if I delete multiple edge loops that are not adjacent to each other. Never had such an issue with any 3d modeling program that uses Catmull-Clark subdivision.

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This gets me every now and then. I don’t remember how it was in T-Splines?

I think what is happening here and @pierrec can correct me if I’m talking BS… is by deleting those edges you are essentially removing all the definition for that entire face loop which would create a hole.

you can however, and this is a bit counterintuitive, accomplish this by selecting the two edge rings and run the stitch command which collapses the face instead of deleting it. Which does not create a hole.

remember in stitch you can decide where the edge rests at the end of the command, here I’m using the default which is averaged.

see video