Bug: GH MeshInclusion (Minc)

To me it seems like there’s a bug in the MeshInclusion component. An entire closed mesh doesn’t regard all points inside the mesh as being inside.

The mesh is tricky though.

I want to find all faces that are inside the outer most surface. I generate points from all face normals of the mesh, and the mesh walls has thickness, and thus being hollow in the middle, while the outer most surface is still enclosing everything (including the hollow).

This closed Mesh is intentionally closed by me in this way in order to be able to locate all points/faces being inside (for later cleaning out everything inside the outmost surface).

But, the MeshInclusion doesn’t report the points being inside the Mesh as being “inside” the mesh when the points are in the innermost hollow while - at the same time - being inside the outmost surface.

As shown in the picture the flat bottom is closed, but still the points (i.e. inside the red elipse) are not reported as being inside.

Is there any other (GH) trick I can use to identify the mesh faces that are located inside the closed outer most surface (which has thickness)?

// Rolf