Bug: Fillet surface menu in Rhino 8 WIP freezes

This happens occasionally while I try to move the sliders. At some random moment basically everything refuses to register a mouse click anywhere, as seen in the beginning of the video below. The only “solution” is to press the arrow keys of the keyboard, then the sliders magically start to work again.

Also, there is another bug related to this tool. After switching to “Deformable”, the sliders sometimes won’t adjust the bulge gradually, leading to an excessive amount of movement of the control points even while trying to adjust the slider very carefully. This makes it impossible to fine tune the shape of the bulge in the preview.

And the slider settings dialog is barely readable.
Also the dialog is topmost system wide.


@Rhino_Bulgaria I will try to repeat the issues you are seeing.

@Charles As for the settings dialog colors, or the colors of the FilletSrf related commands, this is on the list.
RH-74304 Issues with Fillet surface related dialogs

Apparently that one was also already on the list https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-73523
I hadn’t run into that of late.

This one I could not repeat. Do you have more info on how to reproduce that issue?

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The freezing and “rough” adjustment of the bulge while dragging the slider of the “Deformable” setting happened with a basic box, so most likely it’s some bug in the code not related to complex geometry.

Here is the file which I used in the video above. Maybe it will help with reproducing the same issue.
Отвор 1.3dm (1.6 MB)