URGENT: Rhino 8 currently unusable in my production environment

Hi folks. Having a ton of little issues here today, making the new Rhino 8 unusable for anything that is rush or has a deadline.
I’m unable to get ‘float to top to work’ . The button shows engaged/checked but I don’t get the expected behavior of a tool button being the ‘first’ in line to show and be visible in a larger set of buttons.
Then after effing with it for 5 minutes Rhino just froze completely, about the 3rd time today.

Is it my machine? My video card? Who knows, but I was just using 7 fine for months with none of these issues going on. I humbly return my ‘early adopter card’.

Probably not. There are still lots of toolbar “issues” in the release version. Early adopters will need to arm themselves with some patience and perhaps have V7 ready as a backup plan.

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I see that broke, thanks for the report.

RH-78486 Toolbar: Float to top broken