Bug? extracting rendermeshes from SubD recalculates them first

Hi @pascal
I have started a script to extract and join all rendermeshes and when there are sub-d objects present then Rhino recalculates them all first, even if the objects are shaded. (And it prints for every object, so it fills up the command history)

Just make a bunch of sub-d’s and run the script if you want to test it:
ExtractAndJoinAllMeshes.py (858 Bytes)

I’ll let others reply for sure, but if I understood that correctly, that’s expected behavior. There is no mesh that is saved on the SubD object.

@wim is correct - this is expected. SubDs do not have cached render meshes. And the RhinoObject.GetRenderMeshes method doesn’t pull from the display pipeline. If you don’t want to to see the “meshing…” message, then use Mesh.CreateFromSubD.

– Dale

Ah… that was far from expected from my point of view, so thanks for clarifying!
So does the ExtractRendermesh command use these different tools depending on the object types, or is there an easier way for me to get hold of all the rendermeshes through Rhino Common?