Bug: Exporting Worksession Model to .obj failing

When I try to export a mesh assembly put together in a worksession the attached meshes are not exported when exporting the model to .obj format.

Is that a known issue?

// Rolf

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Yes, I have some problem too. I was going to report it as a missing feature.
I’m coping manually all the objects to a new project to export them together.
Steps to trigger the bug:

Make object A
In Layer > Attach Mode
Select a second objectB.3DM file
Select object A and B
Export as OBJ or FBX

expected: both objects A and B are exported
actual: only the active object A is exported

Are this steps correct or you are talking about other bug?

From your description it seems like we are thinking about the same thing. However, this was a year ago and I can no longer remeber exactly which case I was working on. :slight_smile:

// Rolf

Hello @pascal when you have some time, can you make a test about this steps. Thank you for your time.

sounds like you were working in a different view/window on different objects and did not bother copying one 3D model from one viewport into another viewport; they have to be in the same viewport with my ViaCAD Pro program I use so I’m guessing it’s the same way with Rhino… if not, then it’s just another junky thing I’m hearing about Rhino while looking into buying it (I’ve only used trial versions b4)

Rhino isn’t a ‘junky thing’, it’s an incredibly useful thing, used in many different ways, for a number of different users & usecases. Can’t perfect them all with the first shot. They’ll fix it when they have the time.

Buy it if it suits your workflow.

// Rolf

Hello @mercury1978kevin ,
I’m working on different files at the same time in one Rhino session.
I use worksessions for this. Since only one file is open or in session for modifications, it does not let me export all together. Is not a problem of view/window. I need to open a second Rhino and pass all the by using copy and past. But I wish to do the export inside the worksession itself.

Sometimes nomenclature change from one soft to other.
Rhino is a very good tool to purchase if you make 3D. Overall is a very competitive 3D editor. I was able to make real Ferrari cars and Swan sailboats on it. Perfect for hard surface modeling. I’m also a Alias, Blender and Maya user but prefer Rhino.

Usually developers are focus making features and we users are more close at the edge of the software capabilities. On this I report report each bug I encounter to improve the product. Before reporting the bug, I use the forum for bug report prototype. Users are very helpful.

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OK, what do you think of FormZ Pro version 9 for a hobbyist like myself? Compares to Rhino, to be error free, and cost a bit less with animation and rendering built in. So far, I find FormZ Pro to be easier to use and learn. Only complaint is that the cartoonish icons in FormZ Pro and overall look/feel to the UI is childish. But it works well that way, even so. So, both a con and a pro. But, what do you think about FormZ Pro v9 compared to Rhino?

If FormZ is “error free” then it is the first perfect software ever created.

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Hello Mercuty, Looks like you are a new user so welcome to this forum.
Can you make your question in your thread?
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