Bug: Export Dialog Window Error MacOS

I encountered a bug in the Export dialog running MacOS.

If you use File / Export… the dialog works works at first and you can input test into the ‘Save as’ field. But if, while the dialog is still open, you click out to the Mac Finder (to rename a folder, etc…) you get ‘stuck’ in the finder and cannot switch back to the Export dialog’s Save As input field.

Oddly, copy/past will still work, but no standard keyboard input works - it all gets captured by the finder.

See below for screen recording of the issue:

Note: this error does not occur with other dialog windows (Save…) and seems to only affect the ExportAll dialog window.


  • Macbook 2021, Apple M1 Max
  • OS 12.3.1 (Monterey)
  • Rhino Version 7 (7.17.22102.05002, 2022-04-12)

all the best,

Hi Ed- thanks, I’ll have a look.
I see this, thanks.
RH-68458 Export: stuck on Mac

Thanks @pascal