Bug - entering dimensions for box

When creating a box by the 3 point method, the final dimension (if typed) appears to be random in terms of whether it is in the positive direction (up on Z axis) or negative (down on Z axis). I have been creating many boxes the last hour or so and it appears to be random.

I would expect that unless specifying explicitly you would want the default to be that when entering a positive number that the box height is created in the up direction from the insertion point. If you want it to be down, then insert a negative number.

I can not duplicate your problem UNLESS a different view is current between iterations of running Box.

The length, width, and height are current CPlane dependent.

Leave you mouse pointer in the Top view, run Box, click a point, and type 1 enter, 2 enter, 3 enter.
Same box orientation every time.

Most commands in Rhino are current CPlane dependent.

I suspect I do shift from one viewport to another. For example, using the standard 4 pane layout, I might do X and Y on the top view and then shift to the front view to do the Z dimension.

In this scenario, you would expect In the front view for Z to be up. It seems somewhat arbitrary as to whether entering a positive number results in the Z dim being up or down.

I must admit I’ve never fully got my head around CPlane management and therefore generally leave it as default for each view. I’ve not had this problem with Rhino 5.

Top and Perspective default CPlanes XYZ line up with World XYZ.
Front CPlane is XZY
Right CPlane is YZX

Ok, thanks, I’m aware the CPlanes of the views are different.

It doesn’t explain (to me at least) why:

  • sometimes entering the final dim for a box results in the box going ‘up’ or ‘down’ seemingly at random
  • why the behaviour is noticeably different from rhino 5

Another similar, presumable CPlane issue, when trying to use scale in the Left view with ‘Project’ toggled on, I can only select points at Z=0. See below:

Hello - in that last image, it appears that your view is ‘edge-on’ to the current CPlane. i.e. the view may be Left but the Cplane is Top or parallel to Top, is what it looks like,


Hi, thanks. I realised this was the case shortly after and deleted my other post about it. Forgot to delete this.

Saying that, I’m not sure how or why the CPlane had changed. I certainly didn’t do intentionally and not sure how it would have happened accidentally? Could this be a bug? I’ll look out for it happening again.