Document Usertext is a memory Hog

Hello, I’ve noticed a huge slowdown in speed when my document usertext count is very high. When my Document user text count is high I’ve noted a severe slowdown even doing simple things like editing text. I can type a letter and it takes a second or two to display on the screen. If I have too many document user text variables I can even crash Rhino just trying to get access to them via “DocumentText” (I’ve never counted but I think over 100 or so and its game over).

I get this many document usertext items via python scripts I’ve written and want to be able to use this many. In the short term I’ve had to just find a different path not using the document usertext and use a script to blow away everything.

Hopefully its an easy fix.

Can you send us a file that acts this way?
Maybe I can get it in front of a developer.

@Trav - any ideas?


@NavArch Thanks for the heads up, let me run some tests today and see if I notice any issues. As John mentioned any sample 3dm you could provide me would probably help me find it quicker.



Here’s a sample model. I blew away all the geometry, but the document text is still there. If I try the “DocumentText” command Rhino crashes.

Document Text Bug.3dm (269.2 KB)

thanks @NavArch ill have a look and see what’s happening.

@NavArch thanks. I was able to reproduce the error and have created a ticket.