Bug: display modes not updating correctly when Cycles is on

I changed the technical display mode to use cycles as realtime engine, this setting:

When I do that the display tab, the edit button of the display tab and the render>render properties become unresponsive. Take a look: https://aws1.discourse-cdn.com/mcneel/uploads/default/original/3X/7/4/74ac2dc9d0e00c04334dd9545f14e66305bcd51a.mp4

I’m not able to repeat any of those issues on my system.
Is there any chance that your current renderer is not set to Rhino Render?

Start a new file (that will have Rhino Render set), and see if you can duplicate the problem.

Watching on the phone it is really hard to see, but when you get the beep sound, does pressing the Alt-key bring forward the dialog you’re trying to access? From what I could hear you explaining it sounds like a the same problem with clicking the color swatch on a material to bring up the color picker

I’m pretty sure Octane was set for default renderer. I’ll double check on that and on bringing stuff forward when I’m back in the office.

This setting should not be available in the technical modes. This is a bug.

That was my initial thought but it was there, and on my system it actually works.
I’ll add a YT item.

I actually liked cycle-technical. :crazy_face:

yes, if I press Alt the dialog shows up.

Ok, thanks. This is a problem with Rhino event handling we’ve been trying to find the cause for and fix. As it currently stands Raytraced isn’t per se causing it, rather it exposes the problem.

So for now please use the power of the Alt key.

will do, let me know if I can test anything else.

I think this is enough info for now. I’ll announce in Discourse when I think we’ve fixed the problem (again). Thanks.

Hi @andy and @gustojunk

I wholeheartedly agree! Please leave cycles-tech in - it’s a great effect and really gives some neat possibilities in terms of NPR.


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I agree as well!