Bug - Cursor tooltip distance slowing down when clicking repeatly + shift


  • cursor tooltip “distance” enabled
  • making a polyline or spline with a lot of points (clicking and moving fast) with Shift pressed (to disable temporarily the Ortho)

After 4 / 5 clicks, the interface become very laggy due to the refresh of the “tooltip distance”.
If I disable the tooltip, the input works fast and without any lag.
If (with tooltip enabled) I stop clicking and release shift (command still running) it seems to reset the lag and the input turn back to normal response.

This problem happens in V6 too.
Could be that a “tooltip distance” with a lower refresh, or temporarily disabled if the input become too fast, can solve the issue?

Hi Lucio -
This always gets to me as well and I continue to try to live with it…
This was reported in RH-49680 and the conclusion is:

I don’t think there’s anything on Rhino side we can do to prevent this.


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Hi Wim,
awww :weary:
I was hoping that V7 was not affected by this problem thanks to the new graphic pipeline …
When you work fast and you don’t have time, these problems are irritating…

Edit: so I’ve tried to apply Mikko’s solution

“The only fix I can think of is to slow down the Windows keyboard repeat rate: Right click Windows start button at bottom left, select Run, type “control” and press Enter. In Control Panel click Keyboard, and then drag the “Repeat rate” slider a few notches to the left. You probably won’t even notice the difference in repeat rate for normal typing, but you will notice the message queue does not get flooded as easily. I don’t think there’s anything on Rhino side we can do to prevent this.”

I have put the repeat rate to 25% (it was setted to 100%) and it seems much better!
I don’t think that I’ll notice any difference on other programs if the repeat rate is so low (could be on notepad when I make a line of simbols to separate some texts but… who cares!).
Thanks Wim for the link!