Curve slow to catch up cursor & Blinking Tooltip

In Rhino 8 curve drawing lag is a long-standing issue for me, I don’t know if it was reported yet.
The blinking Cursor Tooltip is a new thing because I wasn’t using it in the past.
In RH7 Tooltip decreases performance and aggressively blinks, in RH8 performance is already decreased, and blinking is making things worse.

The orange circle is from my software to show mouse clicks.

Rhino 8 - with Cursor Tooltip

Rhino 7 - with Cursor Tooltip

Rhino 8 - without Cursor Tooltip

Rhino 7 - without Cursor Tooltip

I have the same problem as you, I can only turn off the hint, AUTOCAD’s cursor hint is much better than RHINO, this problem has existed since RHINO5, always flashing and flashing, I put up with it for 7-8 years, I feel I can put up with it for much longer, my god