Cursor tooltips slugish


When I have the cursor tooltips turned on, the mouse, navigation and drawings are somewhat sluggish, laggy. I am running win 10 on bootcamp, could that be the culprit? Because desktop workstation, I must perform much more effort in terms of fast clicking to get it laggy. Any experiences with this, or how to fix it? (turning off the function is obvious, but not ideal…)

Hi -

I always have all tooltips on.
I’m not seeing any difference here between tooltips on and tooltips off when I run Line and just move the cursor around in the viewport.

When, however, I run, e.g., Polyline and start placing many points while holding the Alt key to prevent snapping to any of the points that are created, everything becomes extremely sluggish.
This has always been like that and is caused by the windows message queue getting flooded with keyboard messages.

Are you seeing sluggishness without holding a keyboard key?

Hi @wim
thanks for your reply.

Yes, I am aware of the message queue issue, but as you said, it is sluggish even without holding a keyboard key. This happens on windows running on Bootcamp only. My desktop workstation windows works fine (or as you described).

So I am wondering if you guys have any experiences with that. Is it Bootcamp itself? Drivers? I am also using 3D connexion cad mouse. Anyway, drivers should be up to date, but I don’t have much time to explore much further right now.

I don’t recall seeing this issue when I used to run a bootcamped Win 10. In my opinion it could be due to a few different things and combinations of them. My best suggestion would be to check your Windows update history log and make sure there are no failures. Also check your GPU driver date and that you have a driver installed for the better card on your Mac assuming there is one as in MBPs. I’d also eliminate any additional monitors if you use any and disconnect the 3DX mouse. Additional Rhino plugins from other developers might also be involved, so disable any as a test as well and restart Rhino to test.

Hi Brian, thanks, I will try out your suggestions and I will come back to you with my findings :slight_smile:

Hi @BrianJ ,
so it seems that it is the CadMouse causing the sluggishness.

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