Bug: corrupted Block instance at copy/paste between Rhino applications

Hi There,

I am experiencing a bug in Rhino. I have 2 files;

  • a source file with an embedded block (“embedded_block_a”) with nested block instances from a linked block definition (D_baseline.3dm)
  • a target file with just an instance of a linked block definition.

if I copy/paste (ctrl+c/ctrl+v) “embedded_block_a” from the source file to the target file, in the target file the block instance seems currupted. i.e.: some of the contents have dissappeared from the block definition(see attached video). I would expect the contents not to dissappear.

I did find a relation to the block name f the linked blocks: the linked block “D_baseline” in the source file seems to have a uuid appended to the block name (added by Rhino for registration purposes?). If I remove this uuid by changeing the name in the “block manager>property editor” then ‘embedded_block_a’ can be copied as expected. However, in my opinion a blockname difference should not have the effect of corrupting the block instance

main files:
testmodel_source.3dm (409.5 KB)
testmodel_target.3dm (157.3 KB)

linked block definition files:
D_Baseline.3dm (383.7 KB)
other_linked_block.3dm (133.6 KB)


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Hi Tim - I’ll see if I can reproduce it here from your files.


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Hi @pascal,

great, thank you