Bug: Clusters with null outputs

Recently I noticed that often times I have clusters where the outputs are null, but when I go inside the cluster it shows the correct values and once I save & close the cluster, it shows the correct outputs.

Here is an example:

before going inside the cluster you can see the input is there, but all outputs are null.

Once inside the cluster all the values are correct

Then after saving the correct outputs also show in the main patch

I have noticed this a lot lately and basically have to avoid using clusters. Ironically I had made a cluster with a custom version of “Replace Nulls” and it would often actually output null - the very thing it was meant to prevent.

Anyone else noticed this? I am on the latest version of Rhino 7 on Windows 10.

It might be connected with a plugin. I am using V-Ray for GH a lot as well as the Human plugin.

cluster_null.gh (432.8 KB)

Components may work differently in a cluster if they don’t handle the current GH document correctly. I doubt that’s the reason why output is null.

Did you try removing those Cluster Output special parameters and add them again?

Yeah, I doubt that too. In the cluster from the example there are only native GH nodes:

@Dani_Abalde I think again it’s more of a general problem since I have seen this happen now with all sorts of clusters.

So weird and annoying and I don’t know where to start looking for the cause of the error.

Can it be an issue of parallel components?

I open it in Rhino 6 and Rhino 7 for windows and I do not get any null value.

No, the same here. But if I am working on the patch and using it for a while something causes it to be “stuck” with null outputs. Then any recalculating will keep the outputs at null and only opening and then saving and closing it can get it unstuck. But its not specific to this cluster, it can happen with any cluster.

I have the exact same issue. Has a solution been found?

I don’t think so. There is another thread with a (probably) related issue: Clusters do not Recalculate in Rhino7 - #32 by TuomasLehtonen