Edits to UI, Cluster names and bugs

Yesterday, I had a look at clusters and I have already encountered a bug that has been reported here and concerns the descriptions of clusters not showing. In addition to this, I found a bug where names of cluster input and outputs do not show. This is regardless of using full names. Here, the name is only displayed in the original host file of the cluster, but once it’s used outside of that file (dragged into the canvas from my user tab) the names disappear.

Additionally, the pop-up box for naming an input or output is cut off on my 4k screen.
Cluster High-DPI

Moreover, I also found that editing the cluster in the new file did not propagate the edits to the cluster, basicly the save edits to cluster did not do anything.
I am guessing that this might have to do with running multiple instances of Rhino + GH on two virtual desktops as I found that this also leads to inconsistencies with saving GH component aliases & keyboard shortcuts for GH itself. Personally, I would prefer GH to save the UI upon accepting interface changes, rather than upon closing the program.

E: What seems to be happening is that the other instance of GH somehow prevents me from saving the cluster and its edits.

As stated in the bug report you referred to, some of the flaws you are reporting now were VERY old then (July 2019) - at least six years old as far as I know. Sadly, working around flagrant bugs like these is an institutionalized tradition with Grasshopper.