Cluster Output Issue

I have an issue with cluster outputs misbehaving. In the attached file some outputs aren’t connectable and show a slider context menu.

Recreating the outputs helped in some cases but not in others.

I couldn’t find any references to similar issues.


Cluster Output (14.8 KB)

You have to use the cluster Input and Output objects to get data into and out of your cluster. I fixed up a couple of your inputs & outputs in the attached file, but I’m not very clear on exactly what you want your inputs and outputs to be.Cluster Output (26.2 KB)

Thanks Dirk, but did you see that you can’t connect the “ring tooth count” and “pinion radius” outputs (from outside of the cluster) to anything?

Yes, I noticed that. It looks to me like you’ve got those 2 parameters defined twice somewhere in your GH file. I tweaked it again to try to identify what’s going on, but it’s still not clear to me what the connections should be. Maybe you can determine that by looking at all the components in the attached file.

Cluster Output (29.7 KB)

I’m guessing you are in the process of designing something like a differential gearset or perhaps the drive train for a wheel+motor integration. That’s tricky stuff. I helped a friend develop a GH file that would make small gears for clocks, but we (me actually) got stuck on how to make the cycloid tooth shape. We settled for a circular arc shape.

There’s a bug that is hard to pin down here, in which cluster outputs sometimes become unconnectable when the output’s data type is changed within the cluster.

It seems like they decide what data should be in them the first time they’re connected, then if they later get connected to some different thing it can put them into an unconnectable state. The only cure then is to delete and recreate the output.