Bug: changing material name crash

  • change layer material
  • select new material in the pop up panel
  • change it’s name

crashes every time

What version of Rhino are you using?
Can you post your Rhino info? (Command: SystemInfo).
I’m not seeing a crash, I’m only seeing that the name is not getting changed, but I might have a different version than you intsalled.
Did you get a crash dialog box up? Did you send it in?

I always send crash reports, however I do not always add text (too many crashes for that :D)

Version 7 (7.7.21145.13002, 2021-05-25)

We found the crash dump file. I logged an issue for this here:
The developer will take a look at it.

I have fixed this. The fix will be in version 7.8.


Thank you guys :pray:t3: