Bug? Camera clipping and Text Dots

Hi @pascal

I see that if I have a text dot faaar away from the objects I work with then the camera clipping is badly affected. This doesn not happen if there is geometry out there. Can something be done to not draw text dots this way?

I imagine they shouldn’t affect the drawing of the geometry at all, as all they only report the screen position of the dot’s point to screen space and then draw the dot in 2D.

Here’s an example to show it:

And with dot hidden:

And try panning the view down a bit (Shift RMB)
here that moves the camera and target.

If dot is hidden (turn off layer) then it works just fine.

TextDot camera clipping.3dm (2.7 MB)

Hi Jorgen, thanks, I see it - here, a point object at that location has the same effect, fwiw. I imagine that, for the scene clipping, a dot == a point object, and the large extents of the scene cuts down on precision. Anyway, I’ll get this on the ‘pile’.
RH-63076 Display: Camera clips visible objects - example


Great, thanks!
I haven’t tried, but does this apply to curves and or other annotation things too?

Hi Jorgen - yeah, I think anyting that greatly expands the scene bounding box is going to have this effect.


yeah, but if you make a box “over there” and hide the dot, then this doesn’t have this effect.

hmmm - let’s see… I only tried a point. Hold on.
Here, a box has the same effect…

Nah, my bad… I did the test at the office, but must have screwed something up, it does clip here.

Ok, so then I wish for a far clipping option :slight_smile:
And that geometry that is smaller than a pixle on screenspace is hidden.

Sorry for the confusion!

Edit: Can you check out the panning thing too?

Hi Jorgen - I am not, so far, seeing any problem with panning that view… what am I looking for?


Strange, try a slight pan down in the saved view.
Here, on two machines everything disappear IF the dot is visible.
(Edit, disappear out of view that is, they are not deleted :wink: )

Pascal, please check panning with this file with the new default turned on:

I’m getting this bug now as well. It seems to be triggered when looking straight down / close to vertical. Even without panning or zooming, BOOM, everything disappears as soon as the camera’s rotation gets close to vertical.

What is up?