Bug: Color of the object

Good time of the day,

I just have noticed a bug when applying a color to the object.
Within block object I assign color By Parent to all containing objects.
When go out of the block and assign to it color By Layer - it doesn’t react. This however applies to few blocks only.
Issue has been solved when closing and opening a file again.


Hi Dmitry - in the scenario you outline the objects in the block should take on the color of the layer that the instance of the block is on, correct? And what you see, until you close and reopen the file, is that the objects keep the color of their original layers, is that correct, or?



Hi Pascal,

Yes, this is correct. All blocks in my case are represented by collection of curves.
Just downloaded SR 11 and tried with adding few curves to the document and adding them to block.
Then did as described above - same result. After closing and reopening - showing correctly.
I guess you can easily reproduce it.