R6 Block with content properties "by parent"

Hi, there seems to be a little problem with blocks and contents with properties “by parent”.

To me the problem only occurred when I created the block on one layer (e.g. Layer 01 / color red), with objects color “by layer”, changing the layer of the block to Layer 02 / color cyan, obviously did not change the appearance. If now I edit the block content to color “by parent”. It still does not change anything, although it should be cyan now, instead of red.

Refreshing the block in the block manager does not help, only reopening the drawing.

If I first change the object properties to “by layer” and than create the block it works like it should.

Here is the short version for the bug report:

Draw a line with all properties “by parent”.
Create a block with that line.
Edit block content by changing e.g. color poperties to “by parent”
Close block editor
Select block and put it on a differnt layer with other color.
-the display shows the wrong color (until reopening the file)

I can confirm that in the latest V6 WIP…

Added to bug list: http://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-30839


Any news on this issue ?

Here, all objects color properties inside the blocks are set to “By parent” :

Hello - as far as I can see here this works - can you post or send me an example file, and can you run
SystemInfo in Rhino and post the results here?



Here are the two Rhino files :
Test affecter une couleur V6.3dm (191.4 KB)
Test affecter une couleur V5.3dm (198.0 KB)
system info Rhino V6 SR13.txt (1.8 KB)


Did you manage to reproduce this bug with my files ?


Hello - as far as I can see here, in both files,the display follows the display color of the top level block instance - for example, if I change the color for the instance to ‘By Layer’ the instance displays in layer color.



Thank you. So, I think the bug occurs with the display mode i am using.

Here is the ini file of this display mode :
Presentation.ini (12.6 KB)


Hi JL - that works here as well. I am using a newer version than you are though. I will revert to sr 13 and see…

@JLH - I can confirm that the problem exists in sr13 and not in sr13. You can get the sr14 ‘release candidate’ by changing the setting in Options> Updates and statistics > ‘Update frequency’ to ‘Service release candidate’


Ok thank you very much.