Bug:Bad objects Imported

Hi all
When I insert an object in Rhino in step format, the object is entered badly in both Rhino 6 and Rhino 7.
Audio that has no problem in Rhino 5
!!!This object was exported from NX

bug.stp (75.0 KB)
Rhino5.3dm (278.0 KB)
Rhino7Beta.3dm (464.9 KB)

??? :thinking:

_Check on the bad object, the spherical surface, returns

ON_ArcCurve m_arc is not valid
ON_Brep.m_C3[1] is invalid.

Note that

  • The STEP file unit is millimeter with a tolerance of 0.0508.
  • The model is about 224,417 mm long.
  • The radius of the bad spherical surface is 6000 mm.
  • The Note section in Rhinoceros Help states
  • In general, Rhino works best if you choose a unit system whose absolute tolerance is around 0.01 to 0.001, the “size” of a small feature (like a tiny fillet or small curve offset distance) is >= 10 x tolerance, and the “size” of the model is <= 100000.

Does the bad import still occur when you change the units to meter in NX before creating the STEP file?

Yes, I know a lot of my work is done with NX, so I have not had a problem so far, it only enters Rhino in a bad way in this body, while there is no problem in Rhino 5
This is done in NX units= mm
I had a problem when I entered Rhino