Bring to Front failing to do so on planar surfaces

I am creating planar surfaces today in ortho view Front by drawing a rectangle then applying surface from planar curves command, I need these to sit in front of the model yet they wont even select when I use BringToFront command. With a surface selected I then run BringToFront, it doesnt appear in front.

It worked for the first two triangles yesterday but from then on it failed, I was creating a 2D view so was able to projectToCplane delet input yes and that then saw them appear at front.

Today I am working on a 3D model so dare not do that.


From the help file on the BringToFront page:

Draw Order Draw order defines how coincidental or overlapping objects are displayed.

Currently it supports hatches, curves, points, annotation (all forms of text other than dots), and details.

Hi Wim,
As surfaces are quite an important part of Rhino, thats a bit of a shame, causing me great hardship.

No other way I suppose of making sure surfaces appear at Front ?

I have decided to move them physically from where they are created and site them fwd of everything else, !


Necessary For images to appear on front of hatches, for instance, please, develop that feature ASAP

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