Bring To Front Curves - Can't Send To Back

Rhino 6 & 7 I’ve always had this issue and never really questioned it because I can resolve it by hiding layers, but basically if I have any curves in my Model Space that I’ve used ‘BringToFront’ on once upon a time, then they will forever appear in front of 3D geometry and I can’t find a way to ‘SendToBack’ - it just doesn’t work. Am I missing a command option?

Hello - use ClearDrawOrder


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Hey, thanks!

I presume that retains current draw order, and removes overlapping solely of 3D geometry?

Hello - no, it is just as if no draw order were ever applied.


So it reverts from all the draw order I’ve applied?? I need that draw order because it’s relevant to my 2D drawings laid out in my model space. But, I also want to be able to work on my 3D model without the 2D stuff appearing in front and without hiding those layers. Possible?

does that remain with all display modes? it seems you are having rendered or raytraced activated, does this also happen in shaded for example?

Hello- as far as I know that is not possible - would it be useful to toggle draw order on and off in the display? I do not know, but I can imagine that that might be a possibility and fairly simple to understand without going into per viewport settings or per layer settings.


Yes, it remains with each and every display mode, not just Arctic (which is what I was using in my screenshot).

I do wonder if anyone ever uses draw order for the sole purpose of displaying curves in front of their 3D geometry… I don’t think I’ve ever required that function, and if I have, then I would use the Ghosted display mode.