Brick facade with extrusions only!

Hello Lovely People!
I have created an extruding brick pattern using multiple attractors. I would further like to know how can we add a ripple effect in this pattern using attractors. Also, I tried using image sampler but somehow it failed to create the impact. (I am not trying to rotate the bricks, just want to create a pattern with extrusions only).
TIA :blush:

BRICK (25.2 KB)

like this?

BRICK (26.9 KB)

Hi Naruto, thanks for the effort but I was looking for a ripple in the elevation and not in the plan form.


Try this

BRICK (18.2 KB)

Yup, thanks mate. Can carry forward from this. Cheers! :smiley:

Hi, i was trying to cull few items, that is bricks whose extrusion is less than, lets say 2. (From a range of 1.3 to 4.5) gets automatically deleted. Any insights on that as well? TIA

Like this:

BRICK (22.8 KB)

Yup, thanks Mark!