Complex brick wall

hi everyone
I’m trying to create a brick wall that creates different rhythms and spaces between the bricks, like this one.

I created a simple brick wall code with YouTube video.
I tried to put in the mapping and domains elements code but couldn’t, that’s the result right now.

I also tried to create a brick wall where the bricks are layed in different angles, from small angle to bigger, with gradient, like accordion, like this.

This is the code, I’d love to get a clue or guidance on how to do it.![1|690x327]

brick (40.4 KB)

You have to internalise the curves/surfaces etc, or provide a rhino file. Because that data is missing right now.

Now it internalise
brick (19.4 KB)

Have a look at the attachment. You can play around with Graph Mapper.

Brick Wall Gradient (18.8 KB)


I have made a version with multiple attractor points controlling the ‘density’ of the wall: harmonic brick (21.4 KB)

Thanks a lot!! This is so helpful. Amazing.
I have another question - how can I create the same pattern, but the gradient parameter that changes is the space between the bricks instead of the angle? like this:

i need it with point attractor and domains so i can control the rythm

thanks again

Please fix the title this is ridiculous.

It’s either complex brick wall, complicated brick wall or simply brick wall pattern


I adapted my file so the distance between the bricks changes. The attractor points (the green spheres in the render) indicate the areas for compaction of the wave: harmonic brick wall (32.8 KB)