Brep to Mesh then Mesh Union for 3d Printing Help

Hello Community,

I have created Brep geometries in GH (Rhino 6), scaled them down to the desired size and now I want to weld them together and convert to mesh for 3d print them using the SLA method (in high resolution).

After most of the day of trial and error and not much luck searching online for guidance, which most of the online results that I was finding referred to the conversion of meshes to brep and not breps to meshes.

I would like to ask for some guidance on this forum. In the definition I have attached, I was able to SolidUnion the breps, convert them to meshes and then mesh union my parts.

Is it this simple or am I missing something? Perhaps I am doing it all completely wrong.

As you will see, I increased the diameter of the “posts” to interfere with the other geometries so they would hopefully weld.

Can anyone provide any guidance on the mesh settings that would produce a good mesh that in turn would have a good chance of printing well?

Thank you in advance for any help and guidance.
Geometries have been internalized and I’m not sure if its important to mention but I am using Rhino 6.

mesh weld for 3d (254.1 KB)

You don’t even need the meshing part, if you’re only doing it in order to export to the slicer of your 3D printer!
You can simply leave your geometry as breps in Rhino. They should be clean geometries - closed and manifold -, and then you can simply export them to STL or 3MF. The exporter will take care of the meshing for you.

The only time that you’d really want to start from a mesh, when 3D printing is the end goal, is when you want to control the mesh topology, meaning when its tessellation is part of the design. In that case, you wouldn’t probably start with breps in the first place though.

In your case, you can simply let the exporter save a high resolution mesh and you’ll be fine!

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Thank you kindly for your advice.