Split Brep Error, Rhino or Grasshpper……

Hello, everyone

I am doing a solid Split experiment and have found several problems. I would like to consult you:

(1) in the first two figures, it is impossible to cut a brep with a horizontal surface

(2) in the third picture, a vertical surface cannot be successfully used to cut a brep

(3) in the fourth picture, the vertical surface is still used to cut the brep, and a strange surface is suddenly generated

The gh file is below. Who can tell me what happened :cold_face:? THANK U!

Split-Error.gh (29.8 KB)

The first three succeed using this method, the fourth one fails for mysterious reasons so I left it out.

Split-Error_2020Apr23a.gh (34.2 KB)

Your method is so great! Thank you very much !!!

Here is the fourth case with a slider added to nudge the splitting surface ±10 in either direction. It works fine EXCEPT when the slider value is zero.

Split-Error_2020Apr24a.gh (18.6 KB)

Thanks a lot ,Joseph, it worked well!
and here is also a problem that has been bothering me for a long time. When i split this Brep, there will be a Invalid Brep , and its volume is actually negative.What’s going on here? :dizzy_face:
Split-Error2.gh (11.5 KB)