Offset polysurface issue for fabrication

Dear community,

I am having a problem wich is slowing my workflow dramaticaly.

A have a brep which i should remodel for fabrication(picture 1) . This means I also intergrate the material thickness. So in the shop they wanted me to make a detail as shown in picture 2. To make that detail takes me more than an hour because its more than a simple surface offset as shown in picture 3. I have to explode the brep, untrim the parts, offset the parts separatly, retrim the parts, then try to join them again (which never works) mess a round for a long time trying to get it how it should.

Really frustrating. Hopefully anyone can tell me if there is a more straightforward way of doing this.

So is there a way to easily extend the offseted polysurface and leave while keeping the same distance towards its original plane? Notice its a polysurface combined of planar surface and a single curved surcace in an angle.

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Thanks in advance,


Hi Yasser- please post the object, and the offset distance, or send it to if it is confidential.