Brep Intersection

When trying to use the Solid Intersection function on a list of breps and an individual brep, I am getting an undesirable result. I would like to get a list of the curves that simply lay at the intersection of each truncated pyramid and the bean shaped volume. I don’t know where all of the internal lines are coming from. Help would be much appreciated. (5.7 KB)
questions.3dm (3.6 MB)

Is this what you are after? (290.6 KB)

Or… this? (293.5 KB)

Visually, I am after the second option (all though the first is beautiful!). However, I am on a Mac system and it doesn’t have the split brep multiple function (only split brep) and thus the file wasn’t able to download properly. I’m trying to rework it now. Any tips?

Solved that issue, but may have a follow up question further down the line. Thanks!

Check this as well… (299.8 KB)

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I am trying to apply a similar technique to a different file in terms of generating separate colors for different pieces. Can you explain the chain of functions that you used for the S input on the last pice of your definition? How is the length of the list generating different values for each piece?

Never mind, figured it out!