Intersection Multiple Breps and Multiple Curves

Hi everyone,
I am trying to find the intersection between several spheres and several curves, with no luck using Brep Curve intersection.
I would also need to keep the list structure, so ideally something like
Point 1
Point 2
Point 3
Point 4
Point 5
Point 6
Point 7
Point 8

Input Spheres

Input Curves

Input Combined


Current result

Desidered result

Many thanks in advance,
S (55.8 KB)

you’ve found all intersection points. could you clearify what you like to achieve?

Hi, yeah sorry. I added a screenshot showing it. Cheers

GH files with internalized geometry are WAY BETTER than screen shots.
Flattening is often a mistake.

Hi, you are indeed right. Question now updated, script attached. Many thanks. (56.5 KB)

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make sure that all curves intersect all breps

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Neither the groups of points nor the points within each group are sorted.

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You also have duplicated spheres at each grid point. You can reduce your sphere count fr 252 to 126.

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Thank you so much, everyone!
I added a bit of script to sort the points.

Too bad the points aren’t sorted consistently around each sphere. I tried many ways myself, the white group in this model being only one of them. They all failed and I don’t know why? (76.3 KB)