Brep from group of points

Hi All,

I am looking for a way to take a list of points and convert them to a brep.

The points represent the vertices of a polysurface that I would like to be able to change.

Is there any tool that will essentially create a solid from a point cloud?

Thanks in advance!

Make a mesh from the points and then convert the mesh to a brep (1 mesh face=1 brep face). However, I don’t know how to automatically create a solid from that…

Well … IF the points are “suitable” (i.e. lay in some sort of “envelope/skin” - kinda the results from some LIDAR scan AND their distances are more or less “uniform” ) then a Mesh due to aa parallel BP - Ball Pivot - algo (invented at IBM Labs some time ago [and firstly used in Cruise Missiles for real-time terrain reconstruction] is the way to go). Like:

In case of some sort of failure (rather the norm if the distances are “unsuitable” for BP) … there’s techniques to “fill” Mesh hole(s) in a “rational/uniform/optimum” (kinda) way. Like:

On the other hand since then a lot of other stuff is developed (for instance techiques to do a convex/concave 3d Mesh from any not-on-skin pts collection).

But since you have a poysurface and, say, rnd pts on the BrepFaces … the collection IS a skin-like collection.

BTW: if you want to interactively and individually modify points (on a per point basis) … this requires code (has to do with swapping volatile <> presistent pt data per, say, a C# execution event).

BTW: you can also modify BrepFace pts (from the underlying Surface cntl pts) … but this is rather way more complex and also requires code.

But … if you get a TSpline (or some equivalent) object out of your Brep you can interactively modify vertices, edges, faces, cats and dogs … so why bother with all the above ???

Thank you both for the responses,

I have had a go at creating a mesh from 8 referenced points (a cube) however the results do not give what I am looking for.

It leaves me with a single surface and some of the points floating in space with no mesh.

Essentially what I am looking to do is create a cube brep from those 8 points. I would like to be able to add more than 8 points for more complicated breps, but essentially the points would always represent the extremes of the ‘solid’ I am looking to create at it’s vertices.

Unfortunately I am fairly new to grasshopper and I have also hardly ever used meshes in rhino so I am not overly familiar with the workings of them.

Thank you again for your input

It sounds like you need a 3d ConvexHull (which of course would not apply if you wanted concave shapes). There isn’t one in stock gh, however quite a few plugins that have one like Starling, Dodo, etc. This is an example with Dodo. Then take the mesh faces, clean and join to have a closed Brep.

ConvexHull(Dodo).gh (4.7 KB)