Brep|Brep Intersctn Issue for Waffle ( layers are based on CRV Normal not X vec)

Hi All,

*Disclaimer: To preface I searched this forum and the legacy forum but couldn’t find my exact issue. I know there is a WEALTH of knowledge in creating waffle structures, I perused several videos, but in almost all waffle tutorials others are starting from a closed shape or referenced surface and/or they are using the X and Y vectors, which was no the case for me (see attached file.) *
*Also, I have BowerBird, but for learning purposes I’d really like to figure out the solution manually. (and I think geometry set up wise Bowerbird is a little different) I have a hunch it probably has a simple solution dealing with how my data is structured, as I’m relatively new to grasshopper I thought it would be valuable to ask that question here. *

TL/DR: I tried my best not to post a redundant or useless question please take pity!

I am trying to make a waffle structure where the vertical members are actually being placed along the normal of a curved line, not using the X vector.

Everything has been great until I go to make the notches of the waffle for fabrication purposes. At this pint, using BBX Brep|Brep Intersect Component gives me this strange selection of only finding a portion of the intersections (see attached image.)

I’m also having a little trouble getting my horizontal and vertical layers to perfectly intersect (once again I think a math or data structure issue) (24.5 KB)

I have tried a couple other components such as Solid Difference, but also didn’t get a proper intersection.

My goal is find these intersection so I can generate the notches for fabrication.

I’m sure there are probably other ways to generate the geometry that will cut the notches, this method just seemed most common. I’m open to any suggestions.

Thanks in advance for your advice and or thoughts!

I just had to flatten my Brep input!

Which now seems obvious.

I wanted to delete this topic post but doesn’t seem to be possible.

But for any other beginners who come across something similar, you have to flatten an input.

thanks and sorry!