Brep and curve intersections not working

I can’t get my brep to intersect curve and give me points. It just returns me the curve???

Tried to expand my box but it gives me 2 points and I need the midpoint instead.bounding box and ccx dont (42.9 KB)

Of course! You scale the breps, your curves intersect them in these places. And your original breps due to tolerance do not intersect the curves at all.

Are those the point you are looking for?

Maybe do this?

i need those points, but at the same time, need them on the box in a way such that i can scale each box to the lowest point it comes into contact with, hence my brep-curve intersections. can i ask what component is that you inserted? i can’t recognize the symbols at all ><

Use second example it is way more organized. The component is Bounding Box.

just a suggestion:
in the last few days there are a lot of similar posts about waffle structures. (probably your fellow students) have a look around this forum and you’ll get a lot of inspiration.

Hi not to sound rude but the only 2 replies here have been assumptions about me, and this really isn’t about waffles: I know waffle structures, BBWaffle etc and my visual/text based coding is pretty advanced, save for moments whereby I fumble a little. I needed these exact points because of how I wish to scale my boxes not at the intersections in the z direction for fabrication’s sake. The reason I didn’t do any CCX as much as I could have is because of exceptions whereby there were moments that the curves did not doubly intersect. I didn’t know about about the tolerances which threw it off, and that was the only thing I didn’t know. Thank you to @davidsmavrov for that info, and the working solution.

hi please read my generic reply. i know all about waffle structures, tolerances to give for actual fabrication and how to test materials for waffle structures and to implement the data in gh. thanks

Did you manage to make it work at the end though? I got the idea to the moment where you need to find the points. The rest with the scaling I really didn’t understood. Hope you have managed to make it work :slight_smile:

your solution worked, cuz once I had those points both start and end, I could scale my boxes to the lowest of the z heights, a sketch of which: image (pardon the mouse drawing) of which the height to scale it to would be 10

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So according to the Z value you will get a distirbution of boxes with different size, no?

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yep, that’s exactly my intention, to create a parametric pattern as such! thank u so much :smiley:

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Perfect! Happy it worked. Btw whenever something strange like that happens it is very possible that is a tolerance issue in the program. A bit anoying, but it is a numerical problem. You either have to adjust the tolerance till it works or find a workaround for the problem.

hey man,
no offence intended. I just saw a lot of similar posts and said that with good intentions. As I see you have found a solution but if you need anything else just say so.
we are all friends here :slight_smile:

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Amen brother!