Intersection Brep-Curve


I have a problem with intersection (Rhino.Geometry.Intersect.Intersection.CurveBrep(nurbs_crv, Brep, 0.01, out OverlapCrvs, out InterPts)). I constructed the surfaces by EdgeSurface and joined them. If I later use all naked edges of the brep for Intersection only a part of them is found with the intersection component/command in C#. Using a higher tolerance results in this case in an even worse result. The surfaces look reasonable to me. Is there anything else I could change (model or code) to make this work? I use the intersection command later internally in a plugin.

Here is the respective GH file: (19.1 KB)

I dont have time to look into your code right now, but have you extracted the edges as a test? are they as they should be? I once had a case where a polygonal surface with 5 corners resulted in 3 edges, never giving me the correct intersection result.

yes they are fine. Each edge has its own curve. The control points of the curves/edges are even almost the same as the ones of the surface.
Maybe the almost but not completely is a problem?