Break points rotation with same angle


(unendlichkeitme) #1

hello! already second post.

need this operation that it’s making me crazy:

i have this segment with this break points, and i want to rotate the segments with same angle.
as you can see i’ve already try it to do it but very badly and not efficient.

VERY IMPORTANT: the quantity of breakpoints can change, the’re not standard. so!, depending on how many breakpoints i add on this curve, this operation should always work.

a friend of mine suggested me ANEMONE, but cannot understand how to use it. also, reffering to this, what should i do, flatten the segments or graft them and use them as a tree?

rotation of segments with same (19.1 KB)

(Ethan Gross) #2

Something like this?

Rotation with (16.1 KB)

(qythium) #3

@akilli That’s an interesting approach :slight_smile: - but looks like your file didn’t get attached properly?

Here’s my (perhaps too literal) interpretation of the problem using compound transformations:
rotation of segments with same angle (18.0 KB)

(I had to write a little “Mass Composition” utility script in the bottom right corner because Grasshopper doesn’t allow for a GH_Transform to be used in Multiplication / Mass Multiplication components)

from Rhino.Geometry import Transform
R = Transform.Identity
Pr = []
for xform in X:
  R *= xform

(Ethan Gross) #4

Thanks qythium, the file is there now. Compound transformations are probably the most succinct approach…

(unendlichkeitme) #5

thank you all!!!

now, what happened if a do different angle rotation for example?

(Michael Pryor) #6

Just change the graph type.