Rotate multiple curves in different degrees

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I want to be able to transform a straight line formed by straight segments into segments with a variable inclination as seen in the images. I am also interested that the inclinations are variable from the 90 degrees that form the initial line to the desired degree and that the number of segments into which the line is divided can vary. The grasshopper that I climb can do it, but I think it can be achieved in a simpler way.!
Thank you very much, any questions ask me please!


rotations (45.2 KB)

Hi @Ghoul,

Check this out:
rotations nodes (18.4 KB)

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Hi, thank you very much for replying. It’s interesting, but everything works randomly and what I was looking for, I don’t know if it looks clear in the images, is that it works together and they all rotate with the same logic. I have a structure where the rotation is always the same but it increases from one segment to another. I pass you images with the structure and the rhino that will be better understood than if I explain it. I’m sorry if you didn’t quite understand, thanks

03_top%20rotation rotations nodes.3dm (65.5 KB)

You could use Anemone to achieve this. (17.0 KB)

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wow! perfect. Thank you very much!

You’re welcome, @Ghoul!

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I’ve found the message in the bottle… I’m here to help you…


If you don’t want to use anemone, check this: (19.8 KB)

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update: (18.2 KB)

oh! very interesting too, thanks @shackleton
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