Layout: Hidden lines from 3D detail views

Normally i document my objects by turning them into outlines and hidden lines via Make2D command. Using one Detail view in my layout and apply notation and title block via the layout.

Recently i am thinking to bypass the Make2D stage and use multiple detail views to represent the orthographically views. This could save time if the model changes multiple times. (Similar to this rhino tut.

Is there a possibility to show the ortho views with outlines and hidden lines that the user can define and control. Eg control Line pattern size/ line thickness.
The closest option i have is the display detail view with “Technical” display mode. But this doesnt give me much line control.

Thank you.

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No comment here from anyone from McNeel (@bobmcneel, @dan: It would be useful for RhinoMac, too …)?

So far, ‘Technical’ is the best we have for this, I’m afraid. Making Make2d more powerful, possibly via Layouts is certainly a goal but is not slated for V6. I do not know what more can be done with Technical to make it more flexible in the meantime though.


I mean the program does “know” which lines are hidden, and which are not. I can change the color and the line thickness. Can’t be that hard to add an additional option where i not only can change the color and thickness, but also the linetype (

Honestly, that is the biggest disadvantage I see in rhino right now - no proper mechanisms to control your drawing, and really high performance costs if I have mutliple layout-drawings with multiple details. If i have to export my construction i did in Rhino into another Program to make drawings, or if i have to “Make2D” after every change i did in the Model to keep it updated, I have to find another Program to do the job.

Don’t get me wrong, I like rhino and do a lot in it. I even can work with some “clunkyness”, and if i have to setup my personal settings deep into the properties, so be it. But if i can not touch that function at all, i do not see the advantage over other programs where i can set up my drawings in a few clicks, and keep them updated to the 3D-Model on the go(or with an "Update drawing button).
Since you did improve the drawing-options in the last big update I hope you will not abandon this big function needed in a CAD-Program, since the most important part of Modeling is to get results i can present to customers, suppliers and manufacturers, so the Part can be built and delivered.

It does? I think that’s the problem many users have with technical modes…they assume they understand what they’re seeing on the screen, and therefore make wrong assumptions about how it’s actually done.

There is no such thing as a “hidden line” in Rhino, nor is there any such object attribute. A line is a line. From a “visibility” aspect, the entire line could be “hidden” or visible, or multiple portions of the line could be hidden or visible (think of a line dipping in and out of a curvy surface), and the latter is probably the norm and not the exception. The term “hidden” in this case should really be “occluded”… Which portions of which lines are currently “occluded” by other objects? That’s really the problem being discussed…and it’s not a very easy problem to solve. Rhino currently “solves” it using its Technical Display Pipeline, which uses tricks with the color and depth buffers to achieve the “effect”…but that’s all it is…an effect. Rhino has no idea which portions of which lines are occluded at any given time…it just looks like it does.


You are correct, I do not understand how that works. Perhaps thats why I got a little frustrated yesterday when I had the options-panel right in front of me, but could not choose what i needed to choose. Please forgive me.

But nontheless, even if it is all trickery, smokes and mirrors, I cant quite graps why there is no way to alter the occluded lines further than i can do now. I mean i CAN alter them, where is the problem to give me more options on how to alter them? Make them dashed, or pointed, or something entire differently.
As Example:

I have occluded lines off:

I have occluded lines thickness 1:

I have occluded lines thickness 3:

All that i could alter in the properties:

Or did i cause a missunderstanding because of my usage of the word “lines”? I know that occluded curves are not altered in their appearance:

Hi - the why is extremely simple - the feature just wasn’t designed to provide those options.

Yes, it can. It takes resources that are currently allocated to other features.

That said, it is on the table to revisit the Technical display pipeline during the life span of Rhino 7. When and what this will result in is yet unknown.

Your feedback on the importance of this feature is much appreciated and generally is what guides prioritization.

Thanks for the fast answers. I am looking forward to Rhino 7 then. I know you probably have lot’s of other priority-points on your list, but in my opinion rhino would gain a lot more attractiveness if you can set up your technical drawings inside the program itself. Especially when alternate programs like AutoCAD or Draftsight require monthly subscription. But as far as we are now i rely on these programs to get the Rhino Models into presentable technical drawings.

Most furiating for me is that with Rhino 6 you went a lot of steps in the right direction, but it feels you stopped about 5 steps before the finish-line. For small, simple parts i can already get drawings done i can give to manufacturing. But as soon as there is a little customization needed i am better off with the upper programs.

Nontheless, keep up the good work and you will have me as customer for R7!

can you write down exactly things that you miss? At the moment I am writing some scripts to make working in layouts a bit more productive. If interested, you can find them here: Page Layout Tools

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I will gladly do so, just give me a few days for that. In the meantime: Thanks for the linked scripts.