Brazil won't render block material 'by parent'

Hi Guys,

Our blocks are drawn with their materials set to by parent, which is displaying correctly but not showing when rendered with Brazil - it is rendering the default layer properties the block is drawn in.

When rendered with Rhino directly we don’t have this issue and it is showing the parent layer properties as desired.

I have discovered that although the materials inside the block are correct, when each new block is inserted the material settings for the block itself will default to ‘by layer’ unless exploded.

While we can obviously change all the block’s materials to ‘by parent’ when the whole drawing is complete - it can lead to errors (missed changes) during post editing. (As well as being an annoying extra step altogether)

Is there an easy fix for Brazil or a setting change like the default for all inserted blocks materials to be ‘by parent’ instead of ‘by layer’