Blocks and Brazil

I’ve gotten a 60 meg step file from a client and he wants it rendered in a very simple metalic finish. Easy enough but…assigning a material to the blocks which make up the file doesn’t result in anything but a default ‘white’ material being rendered. Exploding the blocks turns the file into a 700 meg monstrosity.

Is there a way to assign a material to a block and Brazil render it properly?


You can’t assign materials to blocks. But in this case, if you want everything to render with the same material, you could drop the material on the Default layer. That’s where everything will import, so it should render everything with that material.

I over simplified…more like 3 or 4 materials. I exploded the block and it turned into the 700 meg file. I assigned the material to it all (as they were now seperate objects) but Brazil just sits there for the last 40 minutes whirling away without anything happening. Not even the render progress bar comes up. If I explode it into surfaces and assign a material it now renders…though it takes a while for the rendering to actually start. But it renders.

There has to be a better solution than this.

If you want to actually edit a block definition, double-click on a block instance and that puts you in to the block editor so you can actually change the material and have all the instances update(note: imports may have blocks inside of blocks.)

A block instance is just a “link” or a “window” to some geometry, it’s not the geometry itself.