Brazil quit working RHINO 5

I bought a new computer mainly because Brazil quit working on my old one. Once I had Rhino 5 and Brazil on the new computer I get this message (image attached). Any help would be great. Thank you in advance Danny

That’s not really enough information to diagnose. Have you got the right version of Brazil for V5? What happened when it stopped working on your old computer?

Jim, thank you for getting back to me.
I have had this software since I first bought it for my other computer, it worked wonderful for many years. About a year ago Brazil started acting up, I communicated with Pascal regarding the fact that Brazil was not showing up in my render drop down only the standard render. I tried in vain doing what Pascal recommenced to no avail. This is why I bought the new computer.
My original Rhino was verison 4 then I updated to 5 and this was when I purchased Brazil.
I think when I first started loading on the new computer I put Rhino 4 then Brazil and then put Rhino 5. I had this same problem so I uninstalled Rhino 4 Brazil and Rhino 5. Re-installed Rhino 5 and Brazil.
Thank you for your help on this problem … Regards Daniel

Hi Daniel - what is the symptom? Does Brazil show in the plug-ins page of Options?


Will go check will be back shortly.

Hi Daniel
It’s very simple, if you have a Brazil render package 32 bit and running Rhino 5 64 bit the Brazil render not working and not appears on Rhino 5 64bit.

  • To check it try to Run Rhino 5 32 bit.
  • Try to get Brazil render 64 bit package and install it, then Run Rhino 5 64 bit.

My regards.

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When I drag Brazil into Rhino to desk top I get this message.

I will check with 32 bit thank you am using 64 bit. Thank you

I want to thank all of you for your help. I got it working on both computers after downloading the latest Brazil for 64 bit. I told my grandson if I could get it working on my old computer he could have the new one I just purchased, he will be thrilled. The attached image is a small bench shear I designed for my silver smithing bench. Thank all of you again. Danny