Trouble installing 64-bit Brazil

Hi. I’m having trouble installing Brazil 64-bit onto one of my PC’s. I do already have Brazil installed for Rhino 4, and wonder if i need to first uninstall Brazil 32-bit version completely? Or can i just uninstall from the latest update?

And if i do uninstall, then i need my original disc to update to 64-bit Brazil? Or i can simply download the installer?


You don’t need to uninstall 32-bit Brazil to install 64-bit. You will need Rhino 5 64-bit installed though.

When you’re saying “having trouble” - could you be more specific?

  • Andy

Hi Andy. I have Rhino 5 64-bit installed. But as i was relying on Brazil in Rhino 4, I already had the most recent Brazil update installed (to use in Rhino 4) as the 32-bit version. Now i want to fully migrate to rendering on R5 as 64-bit, but simply downloading the latest 64-bit version doesn’t affect anything. When i run the installer, i only see the options to Repair or Uninstall the software. I tried “Repair”, which ran through the process but when i open R5 it still shows Brazil as the 32-bit version. also tried rebooting but that didn’t help either… I’m thinking maybe because i have the most recent version installed as 32-bit version, then the “repair” is not really doing anything? Do i need to fully uninstall Brazil and reload clean from the CD?



The problem seems to be that you’re not running 64-bit Rhino. You’re probably clicking on the “Rhino 5” shortcut instead of “Rhino 5 (64-bit)”


Ah. You’re right. I cleaned up my desktop recently and the 64-bit icon was deleted too. Seems fine now… thanks