Parametric branching columns (morphocode - rabbit)

Hello, sorry if this is a stupid question, but how do I generate pillars like this?

I’ve downloaded the plug-in in question (Rabbit) but I have no idea how to make them all end on one plane. In the example that was provided on Morphocode, the branches end at different places:

^the roof is curved.

Ideally I’d like to be able to define a “start” (floor level) and “end” (ceiling level) to the tree so that I get a column that branches out n number of times, in a regular/parametric fashion, like in the first picture. It’d be good if I could also control the angle and inner and outer radius of the branches:

(apologies for the ugly drawing. Hopefully it’s still legible… red = inner radius, black = outer radius)

I genuinely have no idea how to use Rabbit to do this, so I don’t really even have a tester definition… instead, here is the definition that morphocode provided. (31.8 KB)

Also, sorry if this has been asked before. Surprisingly, I couldn’t find an answer anywhere.

Thanks once again, everyone.