Branch and items split

how can i change 5 branch to 10 divide the items respectively so my surface split will work
just could not figure it out

branch (43.0 KB)

That really depends on which surfaces you want to split with which curves. To use the SrfSplit component with multiple surfaces and curves, you need to have your data trees line up so that each curve knows which surface it is splitting. Show us what you want and we can advise.

well i have 10 curves here
and i want to use the 10 curve to split 10 group of surface
well some thing messed up and now i end up with 5 group of surface i want to convert 5 group of surface to 10 so i can split surface

or opposite of the shiftpath


You have 10 curves but 44 surfaces split across 5 groups. How do I know which surfaces you want in which group? You said you want to divide the items respectively - how exactly do you want to create the additional 5 groups?

here the screenshot what am looking for

I don’t understand why you want “10 branch with 4 items each” , anyway check this.

branch (41.8 KB)

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